Client insight & engagement


The process of putting together a client relationship management programme is always tailored to your business objectives.  You may, for example, want to identify your top five, 10 or 20+ customers or apply more complex selection criteria.

We also take great care to ensure your own team feels comfortable with the programme that we are proposing.

Our approach will be tailor-made for your organisation.

The first step is to identify your key clients – those without which your business would suffer.  We will design a programme for you which typically includes:

  • Identifying the key client management programme that is right for you
  • Client listening and how this can be used to drive your client engagement activity
  • Reporting and recommendations for improvement
  • Support and implementation
  • Defining and developing added value
  • Developing and using case studies
  • Making the most of sales opportunities (and how to identify these!)

And, of course, supporting and training your team to understand all of the above so that you can create perfect client and customer relationships.  The Holy Grail of any business.

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Darren Francis on 07921 212733 / 
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