Client Listening

Our client listening programme will find out things such as:

  • What clients think of your service
  • What clients really like and what they would like to see changed
  • What their future plans are and how this may affect the services they buy from you
  • Whether you are perceived to be adding value – and what value your clients would like to see
  • How your clients view the services that they receive from your competitors (including how your pricing compares to others in the market)

We will then set our findings out in a detailed report which will include our recommendations. Our team can then work with you to implement change, support your people so that they can manage key client relationships in a better way, and to ensure that the process of communication with your key clients is maintained.

We find that clients really like this approach – they are very willing to engage – and they are generally happy to discuss their relationship with you openly and provide a huge amount of crucial information. All of which can be used to implement meaningful change so that your key relationships are maintained and enhanced.