Due Diligence and Risk Management

Assessing, auditing, valuing, and making sense of key client relationships is our business.  We often carry out client listening, focus group, and similar engagement activity that allows us to make recommendations to organisations with a view to informing, retaining and developing relationships with their key clients.

We also use this capability to test the strength (and value) of relationships as part of the valuation process within, for example, M&A transactions.  Additionally, our service can be applied to a number of other audit and due diligence scenarios and transaction types, including:

  • Funding and capital investment;
  • Risk assessment where organisations may be reliant on single or small number of key relationships;
  • Exit and preparation for exit.

We can provide an expedited service where transactional issues may come to light at a late or crucial stage of a transaction and where lack information or intelligence can be a deal breaker.

To find out more please contact Darren or Natalie.

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Natalie.Rodgers@rtzupstream.com          M. 07881 780608